Nancy was my recovery coach in my first year of sobriety. Nancy was absolutely instrumental in helping me see the importance of inpatient rehab which definitely was the foundation for my recovery… Her history allows her to appreciate and recognize our struggles and she never ever passes any negative judgement, only positive reinforcement. She was also so helpful to my family in this process. I would not have been able to achieve what I did without her help and I am so very thankful to her.

As the parent of a child with addiction, I am very satisfied with and grateful for the help that Nancy provided as her recovery coach. Nancy was very supportive of me and helped me understand some of what my daughter was going through. She reassuringly addressed my concerns and answered my questions thoroughly. Nancy was always available to me and helped me navigate through the process of my daughter’s recovery. I am very grateful to Nancy and now recognize the importance of a recovery coach in the journey of recovery

Our lovely daughter entered into recovery from alcohol addiction in her early 20s.  We met Nancy as we began to understand the challenges ahead for us as a family.  Nancy has proved a tremendous support for both our daughter and ourselves, applying powerful life skills with a compassionate, common-sense approach to recovery coaching.  Nancy has shown us the considerable value of a skilled recovery coach, and for her expertise in particular.

Luckily, I met Nancy about a week before I got out of rehab. I’m endlessly thankful for how she guided me through such a strange and difficult time in my life. She seems to have a preternatural sense of how to meet someone where they’re at; whether that’s listening, empathizing, or giving hard truths. She was also very adept at helping my wife understand everything that was going on with me. I’m forever indebted to her and I can only hope that she continues to help other people as much as she’s helped me.

Before I met Nancy, I was stuck and my life had become unmanageable. Her continued support and dedication as a coach was instrumental in helping me build back healthy routines in my life. She really understood me because she herself had once been in a similar place… Because of her I felt seen and heard. Her solutions-oriented approach to tackling things that had previously overwhelmed me helped me shift perspective. She even made going to the dentist fun! I am forever grateful that she entered my life. I had forgotten what happiness felt like. Now I have agency in my life and I can take pride in being on time, making appointments, practicing self-care and showing up for the people I love.